Clean Sound from the First to the Last Note - in the Studio & on Stage

Pedal Juice is a pedal-sized rechargeable Li-Ion battery pack, which fully charges in 3,5 hours for up to 50 hours of 9V power. It’s designed to power your music equipment effectively with clean and stable power. It will give you all the freedom to play whenever and wherever you want to - without making any compromises on the sound quality.


  • Gives power to multiple music devices - all at the same time
  • Up to 50 hours of continuous, quiet, clean, stable power
  • High power 9V Lithium-Ion battery
  • Eliminates AC ground loops - the tone comes through loud and clear
  • Two 9V DC outputs
  • Rechargeable hundreds of times
  • Water and shock resistant
  • Fully recharges in only 3.5 hours
  • Same footprint as standard effect pedal (6,35 W x 11,9D x 4,3 cm H)
  • Easy setup & handling with single ON/OFF button & 3-stage LED indicator



Powering Various Effects Pedal Configurations & Other Music Devices

The following example shows a number of possible effects pedal configurations. Of course, there are virtually hundreds of possible configurations which are based on each musician’s personal preference and taste. Each effects pedal in the chain operates at 9VDC power and consumes some amount of current as measured in milliamps (mA).


Pedal Juice isn’t just for guitarists. It can also be used to power a wide range of 9V DC musical instruments, multi-effects units, portable amplified speakers and other electronics devices. It provides convenient, portable power that can be reused time and time again, anywhere you need it. The following examples provide estimated usage times for these types of applications.


Eliminates AC Ground Loops

Many effects boxes, graphic equalizers, portable amps, and recorder products operate using a 9-volt DC power source. AC adapters and 9V dry-cell batteries are the typical sources used to power these types of devices. AC power can present problems when used to operate musical electronic products. Musicians must set up their gear near to AC electrical outlets. AC power may inadvertently add electrical noise interference (i.e., AC ground loops, spurious noise, hum, etc.) into the desired signal path. With a 500mA load, a typical AC adapter introduces much more ripple noise into the signal path as compared to the clean power produced by Pedal Juice.


For the great number of musicians who have experienced noise and hiss when using AC adapters, Pedal Juice provides welcome relief by providing continuous, quiet, clean, stable 9V power.


Two 9V DC Outputs - Power Multiple Devices

The Pedal Juice is equipped with a high-capacity rechargeable lithium-ion battery, providing a stable and long-lasting 9V power source for analog and digital effects units and other electronic music gear. The unit provides two separate 9VDC outputs on the back and includes two single device connection cables and one reverse polarity adapter for easy connectivity.


Rechargeable Hundreds of Times

Compared to conventional 9V batteries which lose voltage quickly and must be discarded, Pedal Juice maintains its power level over long periods of time and can be recharged hundreds of times. Pedal Juice is built to withstand the most demanding power applications for stage and studio performances. It can power a 10mA effects pedal for up to 50 hours, or a 100mA pedal board for up to 27 hours. With a 500mA current draw (more typical in large multi-effects applications, or in powering synthesizers and multi-track recorders), Pedal Juice can provide steady 9V DC power for about four hours compared to a 9V battery which will operate for about 30 minutes time.



Power Status LED Indicator & Convenient ON/OFF Button

A three-stage power indicator makes it easy to see the remaining battery power level. The LED light changes color in three stages and enables musicians to see the battery level at a glance during their performance.


The Pedal Juice also includes an ON/OFF power switch which allows the user to easily turn the power of all connected music effects devices ON or OFF with the press of a single button.


Water and Shock Resistant

The portable, rugged, and road-worthy design of the PANASONIC Pedal Juice will meet the challenge of the most demanding band and touring environments. In short, it is built to withstand the abuse typical of a gigging musician’s equipment. It is housed in a standard, effects pedal-sized enclosure for easy integration into standard pedal boards. Pedal Juice has achieved a JIS IPX3 water resistant compliance level rating. IPX3 is a Japanese testing standard for water resistance which states that no damage will occur when water is sprayed at a vertical angle of up to 60 degrees from both sides. The durability of Pedal Juice will ease the mind of the working musician who performs in nightclubs and outdoor settings.


Approx. Devices Usage Times


Analog effects unit (Distortion / Overdrive, etc.: Current used about 10 mA)
Approx. 50 hours
Digital effects unit (Digital Delay / Digital Reverb, etc.: Current used about 50 mA)
Approx. 27 hours
Digital multi effects unit, mini amp, or graphic equalizer (Current used about 100 mA)
Approx. 17 hours
Multitrack recorder or synthesizer (Current used about 300 mA)
Approx. 7 hours
Electronic drums or percussion (Current used about 1,000 mA)
Approx. 2 hours
Three effects units (Overdrive + Chorus + Digital Delay: Current used about 80 mA)
Approx. 20 hours