It’s time to throw away the idea of a disposable lifestyle

The eneloop brand stands for clean and fashionable no-throwaway products which are rechargeable and reusable over and over again, as well as being state-of-the-art with sophisticated functions and high economic efficiency. With eneloop rechargeable batteries at the core of the eneloop brand, our products help to practice reusing instead of disposing.


1 eneloop saves the garbage of 2099 disposable batteries

In Europe 90.000 tons of batteries end up in the household waste stream. eneloop helps to reduce this amount significantly as it can be recharged up to 1800 times. This means that one eneloop saves the garbage of 2099 disposable batteries. The easiest way to avoid any damage to the environment is to avoid any garbage. A product, which is not produced, packaged and transported, cannot damage the environment.


Solar energy is used for factory pre-charging

The eneloop batteries are pre-charged in Japan by “green power” from photovoltaic generation. This means that a part of the electric power used for manufacturing (the amount equivalent used for factory pre-charging) is generated using clean, renewable solar energy.

Used materials in the eneloop produce less pollution when disposed

With our eneloop rechargeable batteries we replaced the heavy metal cadmium of the Ni-MH cell with more environmentally friendly metal hydride and refrained entirely from mercury used in alkaline batteries. This means if your eneloop goes after using it 2100 times in the recycling bin it will even at this stage be less polluting than a disposable battery.